Have you ever wondered why some people choose to become business brokers? It’s a question I’ve been asked quite a bit, and today, I wanted to share my personal journey and the reasons behind my decision to become a business broker alongside my work in commercial real estate.


Practical Synergy

One of the primary motivations for me was the practical synergy between business brokering and real estate. It’s not uncommon for real estate to be included in the sale of a business. This natural overlap between the two industries presented a compelling opportunity. The transactions and processes involved in both areas are strikingly similar. Moreover, key players such as lawyers, lenders, and CPAs are often integral to both processes. It made perfect sense to complement my real estate work with business brokering.


Leveraging My Background

Another significant reason for my venture into business brokering is my background. I’ve had the privilege of working for and with many small and medium-sized companies throughout my career. In one of my roles, I served as the Account and Operations Director of a small branding firm. We were involved in rebranding and relaunching various businesses, ranging from wealth management firms to restaurants to IT companies. This experience allowed me to dive deep into these businesses, becoming true partners in their transformation. It was incredibly rewarding to witness their growth and evolution, and I learned valuable lessons along the way.


Additionally, I’ve run my consulting business, and I’ve been operating in the real estate industry for several years. These experiences have given me a profound appreciation for business owners. They are a unique breed—smart, driven, and inspiring individuals who are a pleasure to work with. I genuinely enjoy collaborating with them, learning from them, and being a part of their entrepreneurial journey.


Doing What You Love with Whom You Love

In the end, life is too short not to do what you love with the people you enjoy being around. Becoming a business broker has allowed me to combine my passion for real estate with my admiration for business owners. It’s a profession that resonates with me on a personal level, and I’m fortunate to work with incredible individuals who share my vision.


So, that’s why I chose to become a business broker—to bridge the worlds of real estate and business, to leverage my background, and to work with remarkable entrepreneurs. It’s a journey that’s brought me fulfillment, and I look forward to continuing to assist business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in their endeavors.


If you’re considering buying or selling a business or simply want to explore the world of entrepreneurship, I’m here to help. Feel free to reach out, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

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